15 photos that look like optical illusions

When taken at exactly the right moment, photos can create the most wonderful optical illusions. Check out some of the finest we've found...

1. Mom's thumb and the baby's nose are like a puzzle.

2. The shirt and tattoo go well together.

3. The beard really suits her.

4. Perfectly parked...


5. The never-ending wine glass.


6. Stay! Now there's a good boy.

7. Is she the heroine in the book?

8. The RV knows where it's going.

9. Appropriate dressed for dinner.

10. Okay, now I'm confused.

11. A waterfall from the sky.

12. Is he wearing trousers?

13. Wheels and spirals.


14. A perfect match with the floor.


15. So now we know where the photo was taken.

Wow, that was a real treat for the eyes. It's all about being at the right place at the right time.


Bored Panda


Also hefty