24 pictures of people who allegedly don’t like cats

It's difficult for cat lovers to understand that there are people out there who don't adore our feline friends as much as they do. The following 24 images feature people who claim not to like cats. Yet as you'll see, the photos prove otherwise...

1. "My father really doesn't like cats. He sent me this picture when he was looking after mine."

reddit / XPLowl1

2. "And he claims to not like cats..."

imgur / TheWash6

3. "I didn't want any cats in the house. Now we have five."

reddit / HawaiianCam

4. "When we first met 14 years ago, he told me that he was a dog person."

reddit / speedycat2014

5. "My girlfriend didn't want a cat and still tells her friends that she doesn't like them."

reddit / Bladamir

6. "My father never wanted a cat. Take a look at him now."

reddit / ricktamenol

7. "Though my dad didn't want the cat, the cat definitely wanted my dad!"

reddit / jeremy33x

8. "When you say to him: 'I'm not a cat person!'"

imgur / clobbersaurus

9. "I don't like cats — except for this one."

imgur / TheSociableHermit

10. "I really don't like cats."

imgur / livwithanimals

11. "My boyfriend never wanted a cat. And now..."

imgur / emilyjjobot

12. "My dad swears that he doesn't like cats."


13. "Though he says he can't stand them, my father built beds for the cats."

reddit / herinitialsspellher

14. "We bought a cat for our dad 14 years ago, even though he didn't want one. Today, they're inseperable."

reddit / Spinnak3r

15. "I secretly took a photo of my boyfriend, who says he doesn't like cats."

imgur / SlothsinSpace

16. "He definitely doesn't like cats."


17. "He allegedly detests cats. I think he's lying."

reddit / vloss

18. "The man who didn't want a cat."

19. "He really looks like someone who doesn't like cats."

reddit / meet_the_dean

20. "I'm actually not much of a cat person, but I couldn't not take this one home."


21. "It's true. He said he didn't want one."

imgur / Darkstampede

22. "This man could never have imagined having a cat."

reddit / meet_the_dean

23. "My father hates my cat. But when he's left to look after her, he's always sending me selfies."

reddit / mandamafia

24. "I always thought that I was more of a dog lover. That soon changed when my colleague bought me this little one."


These 24 pictures are proof that those adorable little kitties are able to melt anyone's heart. At the end of the day, we're all cat people!




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