Such a cute emergency: 2-year-old calls cops because she can’t put her pants on

Almost every parent teaches their kids this important rule: if you have a problem or an emergency, call a cop or 911. And the number is so easy, there's no doubt you can remember it from a very young age. But when you're just two years old, what counts as an emergency?

Little Aaliyah Garrett from South Carolina was desperate. The situation before her seemed to have no solution: there was no doubt that she needed the help of an officer of the law. She picked up the phone and called 911. The person answering only understood "hello" and the baby talk of a little girl, and though it didn't seem serious, they sent someone to investigate and see if everything was okay.

Luckily, a police officer was on patrol nearby and rushed over to see what was happening. But when she knocked at the door, an old man opened it, seemingly unaware as to why she was there. The officer, Martha Lohnes, explained they had received a call from inside the house...

And then, from behind him, the little girl made her appearance. Happy to see the officer, she approached her and showed her what was wrong: she couldn't get her pants on! The little had one leg inside the pants, and one outside, and since she didn't know how to rectify this, she did what her mother had always advised her to do and phoned for help.

Upon seeing her, both her grandfather and the officer couldn't help laughing. Could there be a more innocent emergency? Martha bent down and helped Aaliyah pull up her pants and she was good to go! The emergency was over and Aaliyah was able to play as usual — and now with a new heroine should anything go wrong!

Martha remembers how, before deciding to become a police officer, she also felt great admiration for those men and women who dedicate their lives to helping others. It's very probable that Aaliyah will always remember the incredible experience she had meeting one.

In fact, they are both now good friends and still keep in touch from time to time. Aaliyah's mom and grandfather will always be able to tell the story of how the little girl decided to call the police because she couldn't pull her pants up, and Martha will also be able to laugh a little every time she remembers why she dedicates her life to helping others. Things like this don't happen every day!




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