20 pictures of abandoned places in France

Roman Robroek has spent the last five years exploring and photographing abandoned buildings in France. Roman says that some places are more difficult to access than others, but he usually finds an open window he can climb into or a hole he can crawl through.

If a building is closed, he'll simply walk away and move onto the next one. "That's part of the game," Roman said.

Here's a selection of his finest shots...

1. Abandoned chapel

2. Bathroom in an abandoned castle 

3. Bathroom in an abandoned house

4. Abandoned greenhouse

5. Abandoned church

6. Abandoned car (Simca) 

7. Abandoned living room 

8. Abandoned cloister 

9. Abandoned bedroom

10. Staircase in an abandoned house 

11. Abandoned church 

12. Abandoned room with fireplace 

13. Bird's cage in an abandoned hospital

14. Abandoned control room

15. Staircase in an abandoned house

16. Piano in an abandoned house

17. Abandoned morgue 

18. Abandoned greenhouse 

19. Abandoned building at a vineyard

20. Abandoned staircase

If only the walls could talk. You can only imagine the stories they would tell!


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