Take a look inside the abandoned house where everything is just as it was

Maikel Brands is a Dutch photographer specializing in the exploration of abandoned places. During a walk in the southern French countryside, he discovered an abandoned house.

With no hesitation, he entered the home with his camera, but was completely surprised by what he found. 

This abandoned house was not like the others Maikel was used to seeing. It had been left completely as it was when people still lived there.


Even though there was a lot of dust, the furniture and interior decor had not been moved or changed.

Even some scarves and a hat were still hanging behind one of the doors.

And looking at the kitchen, it's really hard to believe that no one lives here anymore.

In the bathroom, there are still plenty of toiletries above the sink.

After being abandoned for decades, it's strange that the house should be so tidy and in such good condition. Maikel did discover that the house is for sale, so it's possible that a realtor may have cleaned the place up a little bit.


But the question remains: why did the people who lived here leave everything where it was, not taking anything with them? The inhabitants seem to have disappeared suddenly. This house has not revealed all its secrets yet...

Regardless of the story behind it, Maikel discovered a really amazing place. Would you dare set foot in a place where it seems time has stopped ticking? 


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