20 absurd sex laws in the United States

Diply.com has researched the most curious sex laws in the United States. Since every city has its own rules, the list contains some rather strange examples. As you'll see, many of these regulations are also hundreds of years old, but you're still left wondering how they were enacted in the first place...

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1. In Tennessee, schoolchildren are banned from holding hands at school.
2. In Tennessee, oral sex is illegal. It's particularly tough in Oklahoma where you can get a year in prison or $2,500 fine if caught doing such an act.
3. In Virginia, both oral sex and anal sex are banned.
4. In Dyersburg, Tennessee, women are banned from asking a man out on a date.


5. In Spokane County, Washington, strippers have to keep a distance of at least 4 ft away from their clients.
6. In Oregon, it's illegal to whisper dirty things into your partner's ear while having sex.
7. In Virginia, it's illegal to have sex with the lights on.
8. In Virginia (again), it's illegal to have sex in all positions except missionary.
9. In Stanfield, Oregon, animals aren't allowed to have sex within the city's limits.

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10. In Wisconsin, you're not even allowed to kiss on a train.
11. In West Virginia, it's legal to have sex with an animal that weighs less than 11 pounds. However, that only applies to men.
12. In Huntington, West Virginia, firemen aren't allowed to flirt with or wolf whistle women while they're working.    
13. In Kenosha, Wisconsin and Nashville, Tennessee, it's illegal to have an erection in a public place.
14. In Norfolk, Virginia, a man can be sentenced to 60 days in prison for slapping a woman on the behind, even if it's their own wife.
15. In the same city, women are only allowed outside after dark if they're wearing a corset and are accompanied by a man.

16. In Oklahoma, bar owners can get into trouble if one of their patrons pretends to have sex with a buffalo.
17. In Virginia, it's illegal to have sex before marriage.
18. In Utah, it's illegal to have sex in an ambulance — at least when it's in use.
19. In Massachusetts, women are not allowed to have sex on top.
20. In Texas, it's a serious crime to own more than six dildos. It's also illegal to advertise them.

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Those are some pretty absurd laws! It'd be interesting to know how far the authorities go to check whether their laws are being adhered to...




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