Homeless man given second chance after finding stolen handbag

At 36, Aeric McCoy's life was in a complete mess. The young man from Baltimore came into contact with drugs at an early age, soon becoming an addict and losing everything he had. Since then, he had been living on the streets and earning money by working for various drug dealers. Yet at this low point, Aeric made the right decision at the right time.

As Aeric was about to shoot up, he suddenly saw something unusual down a dark alley — it was an expensive handbag. "I didn't care about my life," said Aeric. "I was in so much pain mentally, I felt like my life had no value. And then, when I found that purse, it was like God had put it there. It was crazy, like, normally, I would have just sold it. But this time, for once, I told myself, 'Aeric, do the right thing, you gotta find the owner and give it back.'"

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Though the bag didn't contain any money, Aeric found the rightful owner's address and personal ID card inside. It belonged to Kaitlyn Smith. Determined, the young man wanted to give the handbag back to Kaitlyn in person despite the fact she lived on the other side of the city.

However, Aeric first had to get enough money together to pay for his bus or subway ticket out there. On the way to Kaitlyn's place, he also kept on getting offers for the designer bag. There was no chance of Aeric selling it though — he was fully focused on returning the handbag to its owner.

Now only a couple of blocks away, Aeric noticed a woman staring at him. "I saw a man in a tattered, dirty white t-shirt and jeans hustling toward us, head down, carrying my purse," Kaitlyn recalled. "I offered the man money to buy it, which he politely declined and insisted he had to return it to a lady named Kaitlyn, who lived up the street. I told him I was that lady, and he melted down, exhausted, saying he found it in an alley near Upton Market."

To show her gratitude, Kaitlyn offered him some food. When she heard Aeric's story, she knew she needed to do something to help. This prompted the young woman to set up a GoFundMe donation page to pay for his rehab treatment. Aeric was finally getting the professional help he deserved.


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In Aeric's eyes, Kaitlyn has saved his life. It's wonderful to see a good deed being rewarded and Aeric now has a second chance in life. We wish him all the best for the future!


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