Little girl cuddles with her mom to help her through the birth of her little brother

Home births are becoming increasingly more popular and those who have used this method say that it's the best for both the mother and child. Alana Ferreira wanted to have a home and water birth with her second child. During the birth photographer Michele Pampanin present to document the experience. But this birth was something particularly special because Luiza, Alana's first daughter, and her husband were there and played a special role.

Luiza was already excited about having a little brother. She had even picked out a romper suit for him. Her mother was also excited. And then the contractions began...

They got closer and closer together and increasingly painful. But Alana was in good spirits and let everything run its course. Then, when the birth really set in, she reached her limit. But help came from an unexpected place.

Luiza saw her mother's pain and climbed into the pool to help and comfort her. 

She held on tight to her mother and gave her strength. She knew that her mom needed it.

Alana conjured up all of her remaining strength. She took a deep breath and then it was time.

Benjamin was born. The midwives rejoiced with the family. Alana could hardly believe her luck and Luiza was impressed by her strong mom, and by her little brother.

Alana held her son proudly in her arms. She was completely overwhelmed. Her pain was forgotten and she felt pure elation and relief. 

The entire family together once again. Luiza could hardly believe that the sweet little bundle of joy was her brother. 

After Benjamin was washed, he was placed back on his mothers stomach with the umbilical cord and placenta still attached. In natural births, these organs have an important symbolic meaning and are detached a bit later because they still contain a lot of important nutrients for the baby.

Now the big sister was allowed to hold her brother in her arms. He was wearing the romper suit that she picked out for him and Luiza was proud to take on her new role as big sister.

A birth is always fascinating. And even when many people think that children shouldn't be present, for those who believe in natural births it's quite the opposite. They see a birth as the most natural thing in the world and learning the wonder of life so early on is a positive experience. Luiza was obviously impacted by the event and so very proud to have been able to help her mom.


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