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Emotional reaction when woman with dementia first meets her great-granddaughter
Energy drinks destroy young man's brain
Englishman finds medieval gold ring worth up to $87,000
Expectant mother sacrifices own life for unborn son
Family and hospital staff arrange special visit for dying veteran
Family dogs join in the fun as baby learns to crawl
Farmer finds giant prehistoric "egg" on his property
Father makes homemade prosthetic arm for his baby son
Fifteen-year old on bike rescues five-year-old girl from abductor
First sextuplet birth in the world: Family continues to grow
"Get out there!": Dying woman's letter about life
Girl kidnapped: A man saw someone suspicious holding her by the hand
Girl wants vacation for daddy — his boss replies
Globetrotter cat becomes an Instagram star
Goat sneaks into a hospital in Spain through the ER door
Granddaughter surprised her grandmother by wearing her old wedding dress
Grieving customer leaves note on check for waitress
Her six-year-old's friendship with the workers brought the mother to tears
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Hilarious: 24 people who do exactly what they want
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How mint can help you keep your home free from pests
How to dry your laundry in record time
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Justice for Caitlyn the dog: Animal torturer gets 15 years inside
Keanu Reeves: "None of us are getting out of here alive."
Kind man sets a great example for his young daughters
Little girl cuddles with her mom to help her through the birth of her little brother
Lone survivor: Girl survives plan crash in Amazon jungle
Mama elephant stops traffic so her family can cross the street
Man builds restaurant for stray dogs
Man helps woman made homeless because she couldn't read
Man invents a four-wheel e-bike that looks like a small car
Man shows heart to leave the subway rose-seller in tears
Man with muscular atrophy travels through Europe on his friends' backs
Mechanic gives away a car to woman with a painful past
Metal singer blows audience away with stirring rendition of a classic song
Model offers birthday photo shoot to his sister with Down syndrome
Models demonstrate how deceptive photo editing is
Mom posts intimate afterbirth selfie to show the truth about motherhood
Mom's show of appreciation for the work that goes in
Monkey business at bath time!
Mother and daughter make a video to send an important message about bullying
Mother films father dancing with dying baby daughter
Mother teaches son lesson with grounding plan
Mother writes apology letter for lazy teenager
Mother writes touching letter while battling cancer
Moved, a woman decided to do everything she could to change his life
Moving video: Vet frees horse and it 'says thank you'
NASA changed its star charts: New star signs for almost everyone!
Neighbor saves old woman after 13 years of living in her own garbage
New guardrail developed by Korean company could save countless lives
New look: 9 cute doggies are given a stylish makeover
No. 3 wins: Three kids brag about who has the best dad
Not just a cute pooch: Ñero the police dog shows dedication to the cause
Nun helps trans woman transform her life for the better
Officer spares parking offender due to note on windshield
One easy method for folding your socks
Parents make terminally ill daughter's dream come true
Passengers organize surprise baby shower on the bus
Persistent swarm of bees follows car for two whole days
Photo of young farmer sleeping next to his cow goes viral
Photograph shows deep bond between little girl and her stepfather
Photos to celebrate that snow leopards are no longer endangered
Police officer called to remove homeless man does a good deed instead
Policeman helps 92-year-old after trouble at bank
Pregnancy test helps save an 18-year-old's life
Professor holds his student's baby during class
Rare twins beat the odds to survive birth with entangled umbilical cord
Researchers film a giant glacier as it sinks
Restaurant leaves note for homeless man going through their trash
Ring, dress and cake: Her wedding had everything but the husband
Seven-year-old girl abandons her dog with a note explaining why she had to
She falls in love in Uganda: 23-year-old missionary is now mom to 14 children
So sweet! Photo of baby born on great-great-grandma's 100th birthday
Special concert has young autistic boy in tears of joy
Street cat gives homeless musician new courage to face life
Such a cute emergency: 2-year-old calls cops because she can't put her pants on
Supermarket boss goes the extra mile
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Take a look inside the abandoned house where everything is just as it was
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