80th wedding anniversary: One of the oldest married couples in the world celebrates

There was a particularly moving moment for Arthur and Marcia Jacobs this year. On the eve of their 80th wedding anniversary, the two golden oldies looked into each other's eyes as Arthur said the sweetest of words to his wife. Their grandson Gabe Jacobs captured this beautiful scene...

He was filming his grandparents when Arthur said the following to his beloved Marcia: "I've loved you for 80 years, honey. That's a lot of time." He tenderly held her hand as he spoke to her. "Hello, hello," was the only thing Marcia could say though. She then gently kissed him on the hand.

Arthur Theodore Jacobs was born on 19 August 1912 in Hammond, Indiana. Marcia Fox Jacobs, a New Yorker, first saw the light of day on 25 June 1917.

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The two got to know each other at the University of Wisconsin in 1937. During the Second World War, Arthur worked for the War Manpower Commission.


"Arthur is a beautiful man and so incredibly in love with Marcia," wrote Gabe. "You can tell how sad he is that she can no longer communicate. Proud to have descended from these superhumans."

Marcia and Arthur are one of the oldest married couples in the United States. It's so wonderful that they found each other all those years ago and their unbreakable bond is proof that life-long love does exist. 


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