Energy drinks destroy young man’s brain

When we're under pressure and having to perform to the best of our abilities for long periods of time, we often reach for energy drinks to help keep us awake and work to full capacity. When consumed in moderation, these stimulants are usually harmless; yet if you overdo it, there can be some horrific consequences for yourself and your loved ones.

This is what a young mother called Brianna found out when her husband Austin nearly lost everything due to energy drinks. In an effort to raise awareness, she told her story on social media. 

Brianna was in the ninth month of her pregnancy and life was going along perfectly. But one morning, she was awoken by her mother-in-law who had some terrible news for her — she was told that Austin had had an accident. Not knowing what had happened or whether her husband was even still alive, Brianna had no idea what the next few hours would bring for herself, Austin, and their child.

On the way to the hospital, Brianna found out what had happened to Austin. Doctors concluded that Austin had been regularly consuming energy drinks for quite some time so that he could work longer hours. Excessive energy drink consumption can lead to heart problems and high blood pressure as well as other aliments. In Austin's case, it resulted in a brain hemorrhage.

After undergoing life-saving surgery, Austin was now on the long road to recovery with many obstacles standing in his way. In the weeks that followed, the young man suffered strokes and had to return to the operating room on several more occasions. As you can see in the pictures, Austin also had the front part of his skull removed — it's hard to believe that someone could survive such an ordeal.

Brianna remained at her husband's side the entire time. After two weeks of torture, she gave birth to their son — without Austin and extremely worried about what the future might hold.

Imagining Austin by her side and holding their baby in his arms, Brianna had been looking forward to this moment for such a long time. Yet this had been taken away from her and she had to fight on alone.

When her son was one week old, she let her in-laws take care of him as she returned to her husband's sickbed. Having now finally regained consciousness, Austin still had tough time ahead of him.

"Our life isn't normal. There are doctor's visits and hospital trips — so many that I lose count. But we are here, fighting," said Brianna.

As well as feeding him and seeing to his personal hygiene, the young mother helps him through speech therapy and learning to walk again. On top of all this, she also has to look after their young son, who's now eight months old. Though every day is a challenge, Austin is still with her and the child — and that's the most important thing. They will continue to work through different therapies and treatments until he returns to some semblance of good health.

Though there's plenty of hard work ahead, Brianna and Austin still have each other and the power of love will hopefully see them through. We wish them the very best for the future.




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