Dog takes the subway every day and her owner films the hilarious reactions

While New York is a cool city with plenty to offer, the bustling metropolis can be a bit too much at times. As irritable commuters pile into the subway and pesky tourists endlessly snap away at the sights, your trip through the Big Apple can soon become a rather suffocating experience. So imagine what a poor little pooch must feel like during rush hour — pretty scary, right? That prompted the owner of this cute corgi to come up with an ingenious solution for big city problems.

Though unbelievably adorable, Maxine the corgi's minute size doesn't best suit New York's busy streets and overcrowded subway trains. That's why Maxine's owner needed to find a way to get his doggie out into the city without running the risk of her freaking out or getting hurt. The answer was in his backpack...

Bryan has been traveling to work with Maxine in his backpack since she was a puppy. "I've been fortunate enough to work in offices that allow dogs," Bryan explained.

Like any proud owner, Bryan sometimes likes to film or take pictures of his pooch. And it was while watching one of his videos on the subway that Bryan made an incredible discovery about his canine star.

"I used to just take videos of her face resting on my shoulder, because I thought it was funny and cute," Bryan recalled. "And then I noticed the reactions, and how happy she made people."

Delighted by what he saw, Bryan didn't need any more encouragement to share these happy moments with as many people as possible. "I've lived in the city for almost 12 years and I've never seen so many people smile or laugh on a crowded subway train during rush hour," Bryan said.

And what does Maxine think about all of this? Judging by her reaction, the fluffy corgi can't get enough of the attention. "She loves people," Bryan said.

If you're not in New York, you can find Maxine on Instagram or Facebook to see more adorable pictures. We hope this little cutie was able to put a smile on your face today. :-)


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