15 cat owners who need to keep a careful eye on their fluffy overlords

We all love cats, along with dogs, they are probably the most popular choice as pets. But unlike dogs, they are often seen as a bit more independent and, some would argue, evil... Do you think your cat could do no wrong? These pictures might persuade you otherwise!


1. The insurance fraudster.

2. The home wrecker.

3. The destructive distractor.

4. "What do you mean I'm not your personal savior?"

5. The jealous one.

6. He's a real cool cat.

7. This means war.

8. "We're fine right here thanks."

9. "I wasn't trying to scare you, honestly, it just sort of happened..."

10. Nothing to see here...

11. The hacking genius.

12. But I only put the book down for two seconds!


13. "My friend's cat is evil."

imgur/ray ban pat

14. "'It's just the sink,' they said. Thirty dollars later and my cat is still an a**hole."


15. Level of difficulty: Cat-proof.


But deep down, they must be sweet and adorable right? Has your cat ever behaved like any of these ones?




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