230 dogs in total: The rescue center that specializes in beagles

It's well known that particular breeds of dog are associated with distinct behavioral characteristics. While some breeds are obedient and easy to train, others can be more tricky, because they love to explore and indulge their curiosity.

A dog rescue center in South Korea takes care of one specific breed of dog, notorious for its lively character and mischievous tendencies. This breed has even been nicknamed the "Devil dog," on account of its excitable behavior.

The shelter, known as "Beagle Land," is home to more than 230 rescued beagles. Most of the dogs there are abandoned pets, but they also have nine residents rescued from animal testing labs. The shelter recently gained public recognition in South Korea, when it featured on a Korean TV show in late September.

The shelter has roughly a ¾ acre of space where the dogs can dash around freely. They also provide comfortable indoor beds where the dogs can sleep safe and sound.

An official at the shelter said, "We, that is, the shelter workers, have rescued individual beagles on the streets from time to time. Then we came across the beagles abused in animal testing. We thought it was important to bring the cruelty of animal testing, particularly on beagles, to light. So we started this beagle shelter to rehome beagles and raise public awareness."

The shelter started with a few dogs, but is now home to more than 230, as the number of dogs rescued is far greater than the number taken in by new owners. Since they have so many pooches to look after, workers at the shelter are facing a bigger task than ever before. Currently, the shelter is recruiting volunteers through its Instagram account.

Compared to other dog breeds, it's not always easy to find new homes for rescued beagles. They are often more likely to be put to sleep as a result as shelters cannot care for them indefinitely. Beagle Land, however, does not euthanize its animals. One of the staff there said, "I hope the dogs stay happy here until they find new homes."

Regardless of the apparent prejudice against the breed, those who own beagles say they are lucky to have them as part of their families. One owner said, "As you might know, beagles are not calm dogs. They are active and interested in everything the world has to offer. But you definitely gain a lot of energy just by being around an animal that friendly and energetic!"

We hope all 230 beagles find loving families soon!




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