The baby shared something special with dad and grandpa after the C-section

Having a baby is one of those things — it may feel like you have time to plan for it, but when the birth finally happens, it can end up being something of surprise.

Though she was heavily pregnant, Jordyn Eppard from Littleton, Colorado was not actually expecting to give birth for at least another two weeks. However, Mother Nature had other ideas when the young woman's waters suddenly broke on July 1 this year. After Jordyn was rushed to hospital, little Beauden Eppard was soon delivered by emergency C-section on the same day. 

During all the excitement, it initially went unnoticed that the newborn shared something special with his father and grandfather. It wasn't until the birth certificate was issued that they realized Beauden had the exact same birthday as daddy and grandpa.

The likelihood of this happening is about one in 33,000. Beauden's parents joked that their new arrival intentionally sped up the process to keep the family tradition alive. In any case, the Eppards will now be hosting some pretty special family birthday parties for summers to come! 


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