A woman finds a frog in her salad and keeps it as a pet

Becky Garfinkel bought a salad from her local Target store and when she sat down to eat it, she got quite the surprise! She saw something moving under the lettuce leaves, something peeking out at her — it was a tiny, little frog!

At first, Becky was quite disgusted to find a living creature among her food, especially as a vegetarian! It actually made her sick to her stomach.

Youtube / Inside Edition

But after the shock had gone away, and the vomiting was over and done with, she actually started to warm to the little frog and found it very cute.

Youtube / Inside Edition

Becky and her husband didn't have the heart to let the frog out loose in the wild, where there was a risk of it dying. So they decided to keep it as a pet instead.

They set up a little aquarium for it and soon enough, it felt quite at home.

Youtube / Inside Edition

They called the frog Lucky, and after hearing its story, you understand why!

Youtube / Inside Edition

Becky still put in a complaint at Target and they responded by sending her a gift card and the salad company also apologized.

You can find out more about the adventures of Becky and her little friend Lucky the frog in this video:

After this experience, Becky won't be rushing to eat another salad any time soon. But she is very happy to have a new friend!




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