After the wedding: The groom jumps into a pond for a touching reason

Clayton and Brittany Cook, from Ontario, Canada, recently tied the knot and after the ceremony, they went to Victoria Park together with their photographer, to take some romantic shots. But the couple had no idea what would happen to them there...

The picturesque photoshoot along the bridge was going well. The light was perfect and the couple's affection for one another was obvious, even on camera. Nearby was a group of children who were playing and laughing. The photographer wanted to take a couple of pictures of Brittany alone, but when they finished, she returned to find her husband gone. At first, she thought he was just kidding around...

But then… she saw him. Clayton had jumped into the nearby pond, where the children had been playing by the edge of the water. He had seen how one child was pushed into the water by another and was showing signs of distress. Thanks to Clayton's quick reactions, the child is now safe and sound.

Of course, the photographer was there to capture the amazing moment with his camera. And when he uploaded these photos to the internet, people were so moved by this story that the pictures got shared thousands of times!

Now Clayton and Brittany will remember their wedding day not only as the day they promised eternal love to each other, but also as the day Clayton saved a life. Surely that's a story their children are going to love!


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