Adorable: What happens when you raise kittens and bunnies in the same pen?

When it comes to creating our individual identities, humans — and animals — relate to the family and friends they have around them. This is called the "socialization process." Sometimes, it's not just members of your own species who influence your personality. Animals can influence humans' socialization processes and vice-versa. In 1920, two feral girls Kamala and Amala, who had been raised by a wolf family, identified themselves as wolves. On top of this, a study has revealed that some domestic pets understand themselves as humans.

Last May, Imgur user 'slipNslidejunkie' was doing volunteer work in an animal shelter for bunnies and kittens. While keeping an eye on their small charges, they captured a rather unusual sight.

Take a look at the clip below:

The three kittens in the video don't take careful steps like cats, but hop joyfully like rabbits! Their jumps look incredibly natural, to the point where you might mistake them for actual rabbits. They've certainly learned the lesson well from their bunny den mates! How adorable is that?

"It's a lot of work most of the time, but sometimes the planets align and you get moments like this one," slipNslidejunkie wrote on their post on Imgur.

The clip of the bunnies and their bouncy little friends has been seen more than 200,000 times on Imgur and more than 800,000 times on YouTube. One anonymous user said, "I have never seen anything as adorable as this clip in my life. Prepare me a grave, I can die right now."

Cats and rabbits as friends... the odds of such friendships lasting as the animals get older are uncertain, but these bunnies and kitties are currently almost unbearably cute! Share this video with your animal-loving friends.


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