Elderly woman makes fireman laugh as he's rescuing her

Shawn Wiebe is a firefighter in Alberta, Canada. During some very heavy flooding in the region, Shawn worked tirelessly to rescue all the people and get them safely to dry land. The floods came quickly, catching many people off guard. Shawn found an older lady who needed help, but rather than help her walk through the waters, he thought it would be quicker and safer if he carried her in his arms to safety. At first, the lady felt a little insecure, afraid that he might drop her. But he told her not to worry.

After a few minutes of quiet, she started laughing and blurted out: "I haven't been carried like this since my wedding day!"

Shawn couldn't help but laugh! Photographer Lyle Aspinall from "The Calgary Sun" newspaper witnessed the scene and snapped the photo that quickly made its way around the world.

Even after becoming an internet celebrity, Shawn continues his work as a dedicated firefighter. A real hero!


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