16 before and after photos of people who defeated cancer

These 16 individuals managed to achieve victory over one of the cruelest diseases that claims millions of lives each year — cancer. Some of them were only children when diagnosed, while others were already adults. So much has happened between these before and after shots: chemotherapy, radiotherapy, setbacks, endless pain and grief. But throughout it all, their will to survive is what got them through it. Here are some true heroes:

1. "Same smile two years apart, one during chemo and the other on our wedding day! Happy to be cancer-free for two years now, three more to go!"

2. "Cancer didn't win in 2001 so now we glowing in 2017."

3. "One year since my last chemo. And another year to let my hair grow back again."

4. Ryan has been cancer-free for three months.

5. "Missing the hair, not the brain tumor."


6. "Exactly one year ago to the day... Stage IV Rhabdomyosarcoma cancer survivor. 19 years old. Was given three months to live, 14 months later I am clear of cancer."


7. "Today, I am officially 10 years cancer-free! Here is a before and after photo to show how far I've come. Kicking cancer's ass 10 years ago and counting."


8. "First and last day of 1st grade -  she kicked cancer's ass."


9. "On my birthday, here's an update on my beard growth — 10 months cancer-free!"


10. "Same date, same place, two years later. Every day is a blessing and I'm consistently grateful."

11. "Three years cancer-free today. From chemo, to one month after chemo, one year after, and then to now. I've come a long way."

12."Four fights against cancer. Four surgeries, 55 chemotherapies, 28 radiation treatments, and I survived."

13. "Sophia kicked cancer in the butt three years ago and she's still healthy."

14. "One year later. Take that cancer!"


15. "We could not be more proud of seven-year-old Claire. She has defeated Ewing Sarcoma (bone cancer). Cancer chose the wrong girl to mess with!"

16. "14 rounds of chemotherapy, 30 radiotherapy treatments and four surgeries ... My little boy is now cancer-free and he's alive and well."


These children and adults are real warriors! After being so close to death, each day they get to live is the greatest gift for them. Their strength, will and perseverance are inspiring and show us that there is always hope.


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