Dog mourns at his master’s grave

Mehmet Ilhan of Turkey was 79 and after a long illness he passed away. His entire family mourned him, including a little dog named Cesur. Cesur had been Mehmet's most loyal companion in the last few years of his life and they had that powerful, intimate connection that we sometimes have with our most beloved pets. When the elderly man was taken to the hospital shortly before his death, his canine friend stopped eating. 

As Mehmet's coffin was carried to the grave for burial, it was Cesur who led the procession. Throughout the funeral ceremony, the little dog didn't leave the coffin, his head hanging sadly the whole time. Those present were strongly affected by the sight of this grieving animal.

Mehmet's son Ali took Cesur home with him and noticed that every day when he went to work, Cesur shot straight out the door and disappeared. One day when Ali followed him, what he discovered astonished him: the sweet little creature went directly to the cemetery and lay next to his old owner's grave. "The people who work in the cemetery say the first thing he does in the morning is visit the grave of my father," Ali reported.  

A loyal dog can't get over the loss of a beloved owner so quickly. But fortunately at Ali's he's found a home where everyone else misses Mehmet too, and so they understand the affectionate little dog all too well. Surely they can comfort each other this way, and perhaps even get through this sad time more quickly. 

Accounts like this show once again how much feeling, affection, and awareness many animals have — in case anyone was in doubt! 


The Dodo 


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