How to transform a bottle of cola into a homemade fire extinguisher

Coca-Cola is probably one of the most recognized brands around the globe. Its sweet, fizzy refreshment is enjoyed by millions of people throughout the world.

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But not everyone likes this beverage and there are also many unsettling rumors about the caramel-colored drink. Can nails be dissolved in it? What does it really do to the human body?


As with many myths, some are more true than others and some will probably never be tested conclusively. But one of them is true and has been caught on video: if a fire starts, Coke can save your life!


To use Coke to put out a fire, do the following: open the bottle, keep the opening closed with your thumb on top of it, shake it hard, and point the gushing liquid toward the flames.

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Doing this turns the bottle of Coke into a makeshift fire extinguisher. Of course it is always best to have an actual fire extinguisher on hand, but it can never hurt to have a Plan B.

In this video, a fireman impressively demonstrates how well this works:

Who would have guessed? It's definitely worth it to have a few extra bottles of Coke at home even if they're not meant for drinking.


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