Seven-year-old girl abandons her dog with a note explaining why she had to

Sadly, many Latin American countries face a problem in their streets that is heartbreaking for inhabitants: stray animals. Hundreds of sad and tired dogs and cats wander through the streets of the cities. But there are people who are willing to give these animals a better life. They are independent rescuers, neighbors who help the stray animals using their own money and resources.

Paty Suale and Naly Ramírez from Tijuana, Mexico, are part of a group of these independent rescuers with big hearts. Paty and Naly have saved many dogs from a terrible life in the streets, but, despite all they have already seen, a few weeks ago they experienced something that broke their hearts: when Naly opened her front door, she found an unexpected box. A note inside the box cleared up all her questions and left her with tears in her eyes:

"Hi, my name is Jazmín, she's Cristalita. I had to leave her on your doorstep because I was told that you take care of animals that do not have a home, and she is not going to have a home anymore because my parents do not want her because she is not pedigree. As my mom and dad were going to throw her away, I'd better leave her with you so you can keep her warm and give her food. I could not take care of her, I'm only 7 years old and I do not get much money for her food. Take care of her, please, I'll leave you 8 pesos. Tell her that I love her."

But who would have so little heart to be able to throw away a defenseless animal just because she is a mongrel? We can only imagine the devastated little girl with tears in her eyes, having to say goodbye to her little friend because it is the only way she could stay alive.

Of course, Naly has been taking care of Cristalita. A friend of hers will pay the veterinary costs and when the dog is ready she will be put up for adoption. With a little luck, she will find a family that loves her with all their hearts. We hope the little girl who wrote this heartbreaking note will be able to come to terms with this terrible episode. Perhaps, if Cristalita's story is spread far enough, the parents will realize their mistake and understand that all animals have the right to live and to receive affection, regardless of their breed. Luckily there are still people willing to help those animals that are in need.



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