20 cute animals that will make you smile

If you're having a bad day, why not have a little break? Just take few minutes to look at these cute animals. We guarantee that everything will be as it should be after that!

1. Joeys

imgur / AndrewJWong

The angelic faces of the most famous marsupials leave everyone feeling warm and fuzzy inside. Aren't they just adorable?!

2. Fennec 

Baby Fennec Fox

The fennec is one of the cutest animals on earth. This tiny mix of cat and baby fox is indescribably dainty, don't you think?

3. Seal

imgur / lemonjes

Seals are sweet little creatures no matter what age. Their fluffy white bodies and gorgeous faces make them appealing to just about anyone.

4. Raccoon

imgur / AndrewJWong

Peekaboo! Look at those small paws and that pretty little face and tell me your heart didn't just melt.

5. Koala 

imgur / AndrewJWong

Is that even real?! Those ears are just too cute!

6. Sloth


Some have pictures of them on their wallpaper, others have a tattoo of them: no matter how slow-moving sloths are, we'd all agree that we want one.

7. Hedgehog

imgur / lemonjes

Just curled up in a little ball, sitting comfortably in the palm of your hand. Here's one tiny animal we might be fortunate enough to find wandering around.

8. Giraffe 


With their funny ears and their long necks, giraffes truly are magnificent animals. But have you ever seen a baby giraffe? They are simply to die for!

9. Otter

imgur / AndrewJWong

With such an expression on its face, all full of mischief, this infant otter is a keeper. Teddy bear's certainly enjoying his hug with his new buddy.

10. Squirrel


It moves too quickly through the parks and up the trees, but if you get the chance to hone in on one, your heart will melt in a second!

11. Piglet


For most of us, pigs come across as rather dirty and dumb animals. But it's quite the contrary actually! They are smarter than dogs and can be very sweet, especially when they are young.

12. Fawn

imgur / freearmortrimming

A real-life Bambi! The way they walk when they are first born is just precious. You might be lucky enough to see one walking around in a forest.

13. Hamster 


Those cheeks! This is another rodent that makes us all go crazy, particularly when it stuffs food in its face!

14. Sunda slow loris

Pygmy Slow Loris

His big bulging eyes give him his unique appearance! It's what adds to his cuteness.

15. Chinchilla 


This well-rounded rodent is among the best of the lot. How could anyone resist such an adorable little creature?

16. Owl


We love owls because of their well-rounded morphology, their soft feathers and their pretty little faces. Where can I get one?

17. Pufferfish


When a pufferfish is threatened, it inflates itself (with water) which is funny but not so endearing... But when it deflates back to normal, it's something to look at and admire. It seems as if it's always smiling.

18. Badger


How can you resist this minute head and these mini paws? Baby badgers are pretty damn cute.

19. Rabbit

imgur / AndrewJWong

This animal has to be one of the softest, fluffiest, cuddliest pets going around. Awww!

20. Kitten

imgur / AndrewJWong

There are billions of cats in the world but never enough! Cats may be not the most original of animals, but they are certainly among the cutest, especially as kittens. And I think this little chap takes the cake!


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