44-year-old mum says she cannot find love because of her beauty

Dawn Cousins lives in London with her four children and works as a receptionist. At first glance, her life appears to be perfect. She has a good job, a family that loves her and lives in a bustling international city. But there's one very important thing standing in the way of her finding happiness — she can't find love! And the reason? Well, according to her, it's because she is too attractive.

In 2003, Dawn and her boyfriend split up. They were together for four years, but the relationship eventually ran its course. And since that day, Dawn has not been able to find her soulmate. She is 44 years old but appears much younger and definitely feels much younger than her biological age.

When people see her, they think she is her daughters' sister and not their mother. She used to consider this a blessing, but now believes it's a curse. She said, "The thing is, I look half my age and I have men drooling over me all the time, aged from 18 to ancient."

"I sometimes wish I didn't look so good," Dawn explained. "Then I might attract the right kind of man I could spend my life with. I seem to get the men who are only after looks and not personality: those types are not the kind of person you want to spend your days with."

Dawn also says that her daughters' friends even hit on her. She has tried dating younger men, but that turned out to be a disaster as they are too immature. However, men of her age don't seem to be suitable for her either, and she has stopped using dating websites for people over 40. "The guys were terrible," she said. "I look too good to date men in their 40s when I look like I'm in my 20s." She added, "I can't date a fat, unattractive, old-aged man when I look so young and beautiful."

"I need to find my knight in shining armour — or at least a man who isn't so fat he could fit in," Dawn said. She's even considering moving to the United States and trying her luck there. We hope she finds her perfect man soon!


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