How to dry your laundry in record time

There is no better feeling in the world than to slip into just-washed clothes, fresh and fragrant from the dryer. But if you've let the laundry pile up a little too long, you may find that there's some urgency for the dryer to do its job or else you'll have nothing to wear! In those situations, how often have you wished that there were a way to speed up the drying process? Believe it or not, there is.


With this easy trick, your tumble drying should be done in half the time. And all you need is a clean towel. Simply add it to your washed laundry after it has been loaded into the dryer. Almost as if magic, your clothes will be fresh and dry in a flash!


The trick is as simple as it is obvious: the dry towel absorbs excess fluid from the wet clothes for which the dryer alone would need much longer. And since the towel itself benefits from the heat of the dryer, the little bit of moisture it absorbed has no chance.


Here's a video for review (and with a bonus ironing tip!):

So next time you need some fresh undies in a jiffy, you know what to do! 


Tip Hero, Rumble


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