8 clever ideas to get your home neat and tidy

Organization is usually half the battle when it comes to productivity. If you want to save time on cleaning house, then it pays off to create smart systems to keep things tidy. These eight household tricks will make having a clean home that much easier.

1. Tidy up the tangle of cables under your desk

Under the desk is always a good place to start: screw four hooks into the underside of your desk and hang a wire basket there, large enough for power strip if you have one. The whole knot of cables and plugs goes in the basket and there you go! A clean floor at last.

2. Quick and easy anti-skid fix for rugs

To avoid kitchen and bath rugs constantly slipping, you can fix them to the floor with a couple of nifty velcro strips (black strips as below, or white squares for a more hidden look). 

3. Keep the remote control close at hand

Use more of the velcro to keep your remotes all in one out-of-the-way place so they won't get lost and won't get in the way. 

4. No more mixing up your cables

If you have a number of devices whose cables get mixed up — and there's a child in your life who would enjoy beading, get a bucket of these perler beads for the kiddo. Just be sure to nick a few of the beads before giving the bucket away. Then put little plastic rings on your cables, a different color around each one. All you have to do is cut the beads on one side so you can get them onto the cables. 

5. Get your supply closet in order

To get your ironing board neatly out of the way, attach two large hooks to the wall inside the closet and the useful but clunky item will finally be stowed.

6. Tuck bags and umbrellas out of sight

With S-shaped hooks in your closet or wardrobe, you can hang up awkward objects that otherwise tend to lie around looking messy — bags and umbrellas but also sports equipment and even keys and jewelry.

7. Provide decorations with more stability

If you like decorative branches, for instance, just use an expanding foam sealant to keep them standing neatly upright in a vase or flower pot. No more clumsily propped up garnishes threatening to tumble and make a mess!

8. Secure larger objects with rubber bands

If you have kids you'll know the problem. But even without kids, anyone with open shelves in a closet knows that some objects are hard to stow away well. Here's where giant rubber bands come in handy. You can fix them directly onto the shelving or tie them with nails or hooks. The great thing is, they're easy (and fun) to move aside when you want to get the objects out again.

With these simple tricks you can vanquish the mess, and save loads of time while keeping your household comfy and tidy! 


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