This simple method will give your garden a whole new look

It's well known that plants take in water through their roots. Not only does it influence their health and growth, but it can also influence their color! This little-known fact leads us to an experiment...


You can give your plants a fresh look — all you need is a little food coloring and your plants will look completely new and shine like a rainbow!


Mix a teaspoon of natural food coloring together with a cup of water and water your plants with the mixture. After about 24 hours, your flowers will have likely absorbed it all.


If the color is too faint, repeat the process on the next day.


The reason why this works so well is both fascinating and revealing: Plants lose moisture through tiny pores in their leaves. They replace this loss by absorbing water from the soil. When the plants take up colored water, this magical effect can happen.


The best results happen with white flowers or plants that already have a faint color. Do a little experimentation on your own - the food coloring shouldn't harm the plants in any way - and be creative!


Who has something like this at home? Life blooms afresh!




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