15 funny vacation photos taken at just the right moment

We all know what it's like when you have to wait far too long for the next vacation. Fortunately, at times like this, we can turn to our phones or our cameras which helped capture the best moments of our vacation. In the following photos, the button was pushed at just the right time to create photos that ensure these vacationers won't be forgetting their good times any time soon!

1. When you just want a snack between meals.

2. On vacation in the land of the giants.

3. This group has spelt out the word "Happy" with their bodies... check out the reflection!

4. It's not every day you get photobombed by a friendly ray.

5. This woman's braids are really very, very strong!

6. Fancy a burger?


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7. The slightly different shower.

8. They both deserve an Oscar for this!

9. We hope he didn't burn his hands on the sun!

10. This optical illusion is amazing!


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11. The battle of the magicians!

12. Would you dare jump in this hole?

13. Managing a headstand at the beach, with a little help!

14. If you're ever bored at the beach, give this a try.

15. Don't worry, they made it safely back to Earth.


These pictures are really funny and a great way to remember a vacation. Who knows, they might even inspire you to try setting up your own comedy snapshots!


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