Joke of the Day: Two grandpas experience something strange with blow-up dolls

Close to their last days, two very old men decided to have one last big night out. To start, they went to their favorite bar and had a few beers, before heading over to the local brothel.

The madame took one look at the two and whispered into her colleague's ear, "Place a couple of blow-up dolls in their beds; they won't know the difference anyway."

Flickr/Rob Sinclair

Her colleague did as she was told. The two men were then taken to their rooms, where they took care of their business.

As they were walking back to the bar, one of the men said, "You know what, I think my girl was dead."

"Dead?" his friend replied. "Why do you think that?"

"Well, she never moved a muscle or made a sound when we were in bed together."

The other man answered, "It could've been worse. I think my girl was a witch!"

His friend froze in shock, "A witch? Now why would you say that?"

The other man beckoned him to come closer before whispering in his ear, "When we were making love, I started kissing her and nibbling her on the neck. Then she farted and flew straight out of the window. And she took my teeth with her!"


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