Dog is adopted eight times but keeps returning to the animal shelter

Gumby is a dog who loves action and wants to be free to do his own thing. And just like many other dogs, he loves to go for walks. Over the years, he has became something of a pro when it comes to going his own way.


When he was four or five, he was found alone on the streets of South Carolina and rescued by a charitable association for animals. He was beautiful, healthy and very kind. Staff at the shelter were sure that Gumby would find an adoptive family very easily.

And they were right! Gumby was adopted, but his new life with his adoptive family didn't last long, as after three days, he escaped to go back to the shelter.

Gumby spent the next two years getting adopted and then escaping and coming back to the shelter again. The adoptive families just didn't know what to do with him, because they could not stop him escaping.


In the end, the shelter’s staff worked out why Gumby kept escaping. "He knows he has work to do," explained Donya Satriale, one of the team at the shelter.

And indeed, Gumby didn’t keep coming back for his own benefit, but to help other animals. He is very empathetic and helps the new dogs at the shelter to deal with their fear and anxiety, comforting them and helping them settle in.

At the shelter, they've stopped talking about Gumby getting adopted, and they let him be where he wants to be. They even found another area where he is very helpful! Once every two weeks, Gumby donates his blood to help sick kittens in need. 

Gumby is without doubt the most generous dog we've ever heard of! He didn't have the best start in life, but he still wants to give something to help others. Even if he wasn’t adopted by a new family, he has definitely found somewhere to call home, and he does whatever he can to cherish it.


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