The six most beautiful animal rescues after Harvey

The catastrophic flood disaster in southeast Texas came about as a result of the most powerful storm to hit the region in over a decade, causing extensive destruction over the past few weeks. Because of the torrential rain, flooding and winds, over one million people needed to be evacuated, many of whom were forced to leave their pets behind as they were not allowed on the rescue boats. But right in the midst of this situation of crisis, rescuers and some inhabitants of the city decided to go back to the areas most affected to see how they could help.

Here are some of the most amazing and moving animals rescues to date:

The brave animal from Hampshire

While they were leaving their home in Hampshire, which had disappeared under water, these same inhabitants spotted a dog swimming for its life in the flooded streets. The dog's instincts told him to trust the people and when he saw the boat, he didn't hesitate for a second and quickly jumped on board.


Frankie and Bear

These two Labradors were left behind on a boat, as their owners had to evacuate their flooded neighborhood. They managed to survive though and then fortunately, a group of volunteer rescuers and friends came back to save the day. A true happy ending!

Frankie and Bear are safe and well.

The four surviving kittens

These rescuers were alerted by meowing and simply followed the cries. In the back of a house, one terrified kitten was clinging to an umbrella, with littermates taking refuge on some boxes close-by! Fortunately, they are all safe now.

A falcon in a taxi

In Houston, a taxi driver made a surprising encounter while getting into his car: a falcon was just sitting right their on the passenger seat. The bird did not want to go anywhere else and didn't show any sign of distrust either. The driver, William Bruso, decided to call it “Harvey” and keep it with him until everything settled down.

Terrorized dog in Houston

This video broke the hearts of thousands people on the internet. A dog was completely in shock and wasn't able to move from the roof of a car. Rescuers tried to make him climb into the boat but the poor animal just would not budge — it was totally paralyzed by fear.

Fortunately, when they tried a second time, the dog cooperated. The helpless animal was terror-stricken but at least now in safe hands!

Finally, he's back on land!

Cowboy father and son come to the rescue

Chance Ward and his son (real-life cowboys you could say) mounted their horses and plunged into the water to rescue livestock, horses, donkeys and other small and large animals. Check out their numerous rescues on their Facebook page.

Here they can be seen trying to evacuate livestock!

It's most impressive and heartwarming to see these heroes, victims themselves, in action in the midst of a climate disaster. Thanks to their courage and determination, a lot of animals could be rescued and families were once again reunited. 


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