The dog peed on him, but he still decided to adopt it anyway

A rather curious video went viral recently. It showed a dog peeing on a man's back while he was sitting on the sidewalk and checking his phone. After quickly springing up, the man threatened to kick the dog as it ran away for its life...

When the video spread on the internet, the man received a lot of criticism for attempting to kick the dog. Since the animal couldn't be blamed for its actions, many on social media channels labeled him as cruel for trying to hurt it. However, the video doesn't actually show what this person is really like on the inside.

The man in the video is Heinze Sánchez, who lives in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

After his attention was drawn to the video, Heinze wanted to show that his actions were not a reflection of true character. So when the young Brazilian found out the dog was a stray, he decided to adopt it. Here's what he posted on his Facebook page:

"Good morning! Today, I woke up and tried to find the little dog who peed on my back. I tried to find his owner, but discovered that he was a stray."

"But now, this little pooch has a home! I decided to take him back to my place. I've already bought him food, water and made a bed for him. Folks, I'm not a bad person despite what many people are saying, I was just angry at what had happened."

"As you can see in the video, when I attempted to kick out at him, he was already far away from my feet and I pulled my knee back; I didn't chase him, throw rocks at him, or do anything similar. I even talked to the other dog that approached me."

Heinze named the dog Enzo and even created a Facebook page for him, so that people can see how the pooch is getting on in his new life. He also wants to help other stray animals find new homes. Enzo is already making new friends...

After not the best of starts, Heinze and Enzo have since become great friends. We wish them both the best!


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