Kind man sets a great example for his young daughters

A wife and her husband stopped into Kmart with their two children to pick up a few things. But before they could even get inside, the husband stopped to help an old woman who was struggling. But his simple, helpful act turned into something so much more, and the wife shared the whole story on Facebook.

"While in Chillicothe this morning we decided to stop in Kmart and look around. As soon as we walked in the door, Brian spotted an elderly lady in a wheelchair that was stuck on the security alarms and couldn't get around it. He immediately went over to help her. This turned into him helping her with her entire shopping trip. He patiently pushed her around the store helping her pick out her groceries and making sure she had everything she needed before heading to the check out. Once there he pulled out his credit card and also paid for her items. He is so kind, thoughtful and huge hearted! This is why I love this man!! He's setting such an amazing example for our children and trying to make a difference in the people around him. He's genuine and sincere in his actions and I couldn't be more thankful to call him mine."

An incredible example for his two young daughters to see. We could all learn from this great guy!


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