Father makes homemade prosthetic arm for his baby son

British couple Ben Ryan and Katie Smith were looking forward to the birth of their son. But their joy soon turned to concern when there were complications during the delivery. Little Sol survived the birth, but not unscathed.

The difficult birth had left him with blood clots in his left arm that were so serious it had to be amputated. Only 10 days old, Sol was left with a disability that would affect him for the rest of his life. But his parents weren't about to just accept this.

Ben and Katie tried to have a prosthetic arm made for Sol, but were told that he would have to wait until he was three or four years old. Ben, however, refused to wait. He quit his job as a psychologist and dedicated his entire time to building a prosthetic arm for his infant son.

Ben didn't have a clue how to make a prosthetic, but he knew where he might find some answers. He scoured YouTube watching countless tutorials to learn the basics and then asked for help from a local university. Five weeks later he had finished the first prototype. It was a good start, but Ben was determined to perfect his creation and continued building newer and better versions.

Two years later Ben had created a prosthetic hydraulic arm that allowed Sol to hold and even catch objects. Further tips and advice he received on Facebook have helped him to come up with an even more advanced design.

Because it's the first prosthetic arm made for children under three years of age, Ben wants to patent his invention and hopefully help other children throughout the world. Way to go, Ben!




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