Goat sneaks into a hospital in Spain through the ER door

We hear and read crazy stories every day, but have you ever heard about a goat in a hospital? Well, it happened. Where? At the Hospital La Fe in Valencia, Spain. And how did a goat get into the hospital? Through the ER doors of course! 

Yes, you read it right. It looks like they have some very clever goats in Spain. As soon as the automatic door opened, the goat ran into the hospital. The security guards weren't able to stop the animal and it ran throughout the hospital causing quite a stir. In the end, they were able to lock her in one of the hospital bathrooms and, of course, when doctors found out, they all came with their phones to take some pics of the curious animal.

The doctors themselves tried to get the goat out of the hospital using a wheelchair, but it eventually escaped and continued its romp. Police finally rescued the goat and took her to a shelter where she is resting comfortably after her little excursion. We're glad she's okay, but one question remains: Where did the goat come from in the first place? It's almost like a scene form a slapstick comedy!


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