Ads in London underground replaced by cat pictures

James Turner had a plan, and it was simple. He wanted to replace all the ads in a London Underground station with cat pictures. The idea was to get people to focus on something other than advertising, but he also teamed up with London animal shelters to feature felines in need of new homes.

Why cats? And why on the Underground? "Really, we just want people to come here and enjoy it, maybe think a bit differently about the world around them," James explained.

Youtube/ ODN

In a blogpost about the project he wrote, "Back in February we asked ourselves to 'imagine a world where friends and experiences were more valuable than stuff you can buy.' The team began thinking about crowdfunding to replace Tube adverts with something else."

Youtube/ ODN

And on top of this, there was also the chance they would help cats find new homes.

The idea was to create a positive atmosphere in a public space. Following one of the most beloved internet trends, the pictures were designed to give a "paws-itive" vision of the world through something almost everybody likes — cats.

This project was even called "C.A.T.S", "Citizens Advertising Takeover Service" and was financed entirely thanks to a crowdfunding campaign

And as well as finding new homes for abandoned cats, the idea was to show people that they have the power to change things and to help them see the world differently.

20160918-IMG_4767 A girl's best friend

These cute cats just make people want to hug the walls!

And the campaign also had the added benefit that those allergic to cats could still join in the fun.

20160918-IMG_4771 Head to Head

You can watch a report on the stunt in the following video :

And for any cat lovers who really wanted to get involved, if they donated more than £100 (approx. $135) to the Kickstarter, they could have a picture of their own cat included in the project. Purr-fect!






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