Boy born with brain outside his skull

WARNING: The article contains images that some viewers may find disturbing.

Thembe and Sipho Moyo from Perth, Australia, were overjoyed to find out that they were expecting a child. As her pregnancy had been going well, Thembe was fairly relaxed when she went for a checkup in the 21st week of her term; she was particularly looking forward to seeing her child for the first time in the ultrasound images.

But the doctors were soon left in shock by what they saw on the screen. The baby was suffering from a nasal encephalocele, an extremely rare deformation that meant the child's brain was growing out of a hole in its skull. In this instance, the opening was located just above the bridge of the child's nose.

Extremely concerned, the doctors had little hope for the unborn child. They tried their best to prepare Thempe for the worst, but she was convinced that her child would be fine. That's why she decided to continue the pregnancy and hope for the best.

When little Jayden Moyo was delivered, the most difficult part was still to come. Only one week after his birth, Jayden had to go under the knife —  a very risky procedure.

Despite the dangers, a team of 10 specialists managed to beat all odds. Over the course of a six hour operation, they carefully moved Jayden's brain back inside his skull. Though it was the largest growth of this kind the surgeons had ever seen, the extremely complex procedure was a success and saved the young boy's life.

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After nervously waiting for the results of the operation, Jayden's exhausted parents could finally breathe a sign of relief after months of worry. The doctors had done a fantastic job and were happy to see Jayden make a very quick recovery.

Four years on, the young boy has become a happy, vivacious child, who likes to run around, play, and learn like all of his friends. His doctors are very optimistic and don't expect him to have any long-term problems. In fact, the operation was so successful that no permanent damage was done and Jayden will only need plastic surgery on his nose in the future.

"Jayden makes us happy,“ said his dad Sipho. "He's just an amazing boy."

Watch the following video to see how far Jayden has come...

That's a wonderful conclusion to what must have been a very tough time for Jayden and his parents. We wish them all the very best for the future.


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