Officer spares parking offender due to note on windshield

Sometimes, even police officers have to decide what's more important: sticking to the law or acting the right way ethically.

This was the dilemma facing Officer Jim Hellrood from Wausau, Wisconsin, when he was on duty checking parking meters in his precinct.

Facebook / Jim Hellrood

Upon seeing a meter that had expired, the officer started writing out a ticket. But that's when he noticed a handwritten note placed under the windshield wiper of the offending vehicle. 

Rebecca Cardenas

The note read: "Please take pity on me. I walked home... Safe choices ☺."

The person had recognized that they were no longer sober enough to get behind the wheel. Instead of taking a risk, they left their car parked and accepted that they might get a ticket.

Facebook / Rechtsanwälte Karaahmetoglu & Kollegen

After thinking it over for a short while, Jim once again reached for notebook. But instead of issuing a fine, he left the owner of the car a warning: "Pity granted, just a warning."

Jim appreciated the fact that the owner had clearly made the right decision to leave his car parked and run the risk of being fined.

Do you think Jim and the unknown car owner acted in the right way?




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