Granddaughter surprised her grandmother by wearing her old wedding dress

For some brides, finding the perfect dress for their big day can be a bit of a headache. But that part of the wedding planning was one thing Jordyn Jensen from Idaho didn't have to worry about, because she already knew what she wanted to wear.

All she had to do was go to her closet. It was there where she kept the precious dress her grandmother had worn when she married in 1962. The woman did not know that her granddaughter had kept her dress; in fact, she thought it had been destroyed a few years ago. That is why Jordyn drew up the perfect plan to surprise her grandmother with the dress.

Normally the rehearsal dinner before a wedding is a private moment which only the bride and groom share. However, Jordyn made sure her grandmother was present that day. During the dinner, Jordyn went out of the room for a second to put on her wedding dress without her grandmother noticing. When she was ready, Jordyn's future husband told her grandmother to go out to the garden. The first thing she saw was a photo of herself on her own wedding day 55 years before. But when she turned around… she saw her granddaughter wearing her original wedding dress!

Even if more than 50 years had passed, she recognized her dress immediately. Suddenly, it started to rain, making the moment particularly emotional. “It was an absolutely beautiful moment and everyone around was silent,” Jordyn's partner said.

Eventually, granddaughter and grandmother began to cry, breaking the silence that surrounded them. “Your grandfather would have loved to see this… I married my high school sweetheart in this… and now so will you,” Jordyn's grandmother said.

“We all viewed the rain as teardrops from heaven looking down. Teardrops from her grandfather. It made the moment just that much more beautiful and special”, said photographer Kortney Peterson, who was responsible for capturing the scene. Now these photos have moved thousands of people on the internet who have been able to see and feel how Jordyn's grandmother felt, following this amazing surprise. We wish you all the best in your marriage, Jordyn!


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