Photograph shows deep bond between little girl and her stepfather

Karisa Smith shared a picture on Facebook of her daughter and her husband that moved her deeply:

"They aren't related by blood, but they are daddy and daughter. My husband goes above and beyond to take care of her as his own. When she cries, he's there. When she needs him, he's there. We don't use the term 'step father.' He is her father. When he fell in love with me, he fell in love with my daughter. He took on a 9 month old and she is now soon to be 3 years old. And is the ultimate daddy's girl. They are two peas in a pod and the love of a father runs deep. So deep, he has decided to adopt her and the adoption is in process. They will soon be 'officially' daddy and daughter.

This picture was taken at 2:00 a.m. when he snuck home from work to calm her down because she missed him; he had been gone for 14 days." 

It's wonderful when new relationships can form like this. There aren't enough people out there with big hearts like Karisa's husband.




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