She falls in love in Uganda: 23-year-old missionary is now mom to 14 children

There are people who have always felt the need to help others, even from an early age. This could be said for Katie Davis Majors, an American girl who went on a three-week mission to Uganda to help a struggling community there at the tender age of 18.

As a teenager, Katie had a largely trouble-free upbringing like many girls her own age. She was still finishing school and had the same worries about life many young adults have at this time. But after seeing how people in her host country struggled to survive, Katie quickly stopped caring about these relatively unimportant issues.

Katie experienced firsthand the suffering, hunger and pain many Ugandans endured every day. But she also noticed how they always remained optimistic in trying to overcome almost every difficulty. Her three weeks in Africa flew by and a distraught Katie soon had to say goodbye to all the amazing people she met there.

After plenty of thought, she returned to Uganda, this time to live and work there as a teacher for orphaned girls. Determined, the young American tried to help her students in any way she could. This soon extended beyond the classroom...

Deeply affected by the struggles her students faced, Katie made quite an incredible decision and adopted 13 girls. That made Katie a mom of 13 children at the age of 23! Soon after arriving in Uganda, she also met her husband, Benji, with whom she has a son. His birth has raised the total kid count to 14!

To financially support her large brood as well as other local families who need help, Katie started an organization called Amazima, which means "truth." The money raised through the organization goes to the Ugandan communities that most need it.

Katie has also written books about her experience, urging everyone to help those who need it most. Katie, Benji, and their 14 children continue to help out communities in Uganda through Amazima. Hopefully the kids grow up to be just as kind as their mother. We wish them the best of luck for the future!




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