The driver got what was coming to him after his cruelty was caught on camera

When KD the dog was sitting on the backseat of the car, she was probably thinking they were going on an excursion somewhere. Instead, Gorge Spears drove the pooch to the edge of a forest bordering a highway in Dallas, Texas. After letting KD out of the car with her chain still attached, Spears simply drove away as fast as he could! A surveillance camera caught everything on film... 

Sadly, this stretch of road is notorious for being a place where unwanted pets are abandoned by their owners, which is why animal protection officers regularly patrol the area. Nine hours after being dumped at the side of the road, a group of animal rescuers came across the frightened doggie in the middle of the forest. By this point, KD's heavy chain had become entangled in the undergrowth, leaving the poor pooch trapped in the darkness. After the rescue, the one-year-old dog was taken into the care of an animal shelter. 

Thanks to the footage from the surveillance camera, the authorities were able to issue a warrant for the driver's arrest. Several weeks later, Spears handed himself in. In his testimony, Spears stated that the young animal belonged to his sister, who was having a tough time keeping the dog under control. Instead of going to the animal shelter, Spears cruelly dumped KD by the highway and left the pooch to her own destiny. The Texan is being charged with animal cruelty and will now have to face up to his crime.

In the meantime, KD has found a new home. Since the beginning of September, she has been living with Reagan Henderson und Zachary San Roman after they adopted her from the animal shelter. "She is one of the sweetest dogs I have ever met," Reagan said.

"KD is so loving and brings so much happiness into our lives. She is just so grateful to have people loving on her all the time," Reagan added. She also extended her thanks to the people who rescued her new pet.

Gorge Spears will hopefully be given a fitting punishment for such a cruel act. Meanwhile, KD has also got what she deserves — a wonderful new home with people who love her with all their heart.




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