Man with muscular atrophy travels through Europe on his friends' backs

Kevan Chandler from Fort Wayne, Indiana suffers from spinal muscular atrophy, a rare and incurable disease that has made it almost impossible for him to move his own body. Now 29 years old, Kevan is confined to a wheelchair and can barely move his arms. When he was 26, his doctor told him that he would require an oxygen tank some time within the next six months.

But despite all of this, Kevan has not given up on dreams that his physical condition makes almost impossible to fulfill. As you'll see in this video though, Kevan has some very special people in his life who weren't willing to give up either...

Now that is what you call true friendship!

It's absolutely amazing and heartwarming to see friends helping each other in such a monumental way. It was one of the greatest experiences in Kevan's life and we're glad that he decided to share it with all of us.


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