Woman with 20 personalities changes her identity five times a day

We all have days when we're not quite feeling ourselves. While this is merely a turn of phrase for most people, it's the brutal reality for an unfortunate few; these people are never feeling themselves as they don't know who they really are for sure.

Kim Noble from London, England, suffers from dissociative identity disorder (DID), better known as multiple personality disorder.

This mental disorder remains a controversial topic today. Most people diagnosed with DID underwent terrible experiences during their childhood. It's said that when a person is faced with a harsh reality that they can no longer take, their personality splits up. This creates several different "people" in a person's head, none of whom know about the others.

Kim has 20 different people in her head and her personality can change without warning. After there has been a switch in person, Kim no longer knows how she arrived where she is or who she is speaking with.

She first noticed that there was something wrong when she was a teenager. Boyfriends would accuse of cheating on them as they had seen her in the city with other partners. One day, she opened the door to someone who said they had been dating for several years — but Kim had no idea who this person was. The Londoner has been receiving treatment since her childhood.

Kim's different personalities include "Judy," a 15-year-old girl suffering from anorexia, "Patricia," a middle-aged women, "Ria," an abused child, "Ken," a 21-year-old homosexual man, and "Dawn," a young woman struggling to come to terms with her daughter being taken away from her.

The daughter Kim talks about when she is Dawn doesn't really exist. Her real daughter is 20-year-old Aimee. Kim had fight hard for custody of Aimee when she was young, but "Dawn" is still living without a daughter. She doesn't recognize Aimee as her own child.

Kim has also heard about each one of her 20 personalities, but she has never really got to "know" the other people in her head, she has never "met" herself. Kim is currently "Patricia," the personality that's most often "there." 

Kim's daily routine is just as confusing and complicated. For example, she never remembers showering, but is clean — one of her other personalities must've done it for her. Kim often comes back from the store without any food as she'd experienced a switch while there. When anorexic Judy is in control, it can be the case that Kim doesn't eat enough. On average, Kim changes her personality five times a day.

As well as sharing a body, Kim and the other personalities have another thing in common: a talent for painting.

Twelve years ago, therapists encouraged her to express her emotions in pictures. Since then, many of her personalities paint, and each one has its own style. Kim can immediately recognize who painted the picture.

Kim's impressive collection is on show at London's Zebra One Art Gallery, which also contains work from such greats as Salvador Dalí and Francis Bacon.

Kim's doctors believe that her personality was shattered into pieces by a traumatic experience a long time ago. Her mind protected itself by disappearing into other people who had not experienced the terrible events she had.


Only three or four of her personalities have accepted this diagnosis, while the others refuse to believe it. Kim writes notes to each personality and leaves them around the house.

Her daughter Aimee is long used to her mother's illness and has learned to deal with each personality. The two have a loving relationship, even though Kim is often left frustrated by her situation. Thankfully, she has Aimee's love and support.

Watch the following interview to find out more:

It's uncertain whether Kim will ever be able to enjoy a "normal" life. One thing is for sure though — it's pretty remarkable seeing how well she has been able to cope so far. We wish her all the best!




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