Teacher copies student’s hairdo to stop classroom teasing

Kinsie Johns is a third grade teacher at Anette Winn Elementary School in Georgia. While dealing with a classroom full of children is never an easy task, the young woman loves her job and is well respected by her students. Having created such a good atmosphere in the classroom, Kinsie was therefore surprised to learn that a girl was being teased by fellow students.

Kinsie discovered that one of the students was being laughed at because of her hairdo; the young girl had started wearing her hair in a style known as "space buns." 

A group of students started calling her "space girl" for having her hair styled in this way. Distressed by what she was hearing, Kinsie knew she had to act and came up with an ingenious plan to teach those students a useful lesson.

That's because no one was expecting ...

... she'd also show up the next day with the same hairdo!

"She was beaming when she saw me," Kinsie said in a Facebook post encouraging students to be themselves. "It's okay to be different. Why fit in when you were born to stand out," the teacher added, quoting Dr. Seuss. The following day, the students had their own surprise for Kinsie — every girl wore their hair in space buns!

By copying their teacher, Kinsie's students have learned that being different isn't a bad thing and shouldn't be ridiculed. Kinsie has received praise for the creative approach she took toward dealing with classroom teasing. What do you think of her response?




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