New guardrail developed by Korean company could save countless lives

When a heavy vehicle runs off the road at high speed, it can quickly turn into a nightmare. On most highways, there's at least the safety feature of a guardrail, but if there's a collision, sometimes the force of the out-of-control vehicle is enough to break through the barrier or even to overturn the vehicle.

In Korea, engineers have developed a solution for this worst-case of scenarios as you can see in this video :

The design combines two parallel sets of double aluminum beams framing a series of vertical plastic rollers. When a vehicle strikes the guardrail, the double beams absorb the impact while the plastic rollers keep it moving. This lessens the likelihood of it breaking through the barrier or overturning.

The system was developed by Korean manufacturer ETI and is still in the test phase. But as demonstrated in the video, even a tractor-trailer is guided safely back into the lane with minimal damage compared to an impact with conventional guardrails. It would surely be a good investment to see something similar installed on American roads.


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