When they saw their wedding photos, they knew they had to change their ways

Leisa and Noel were happily engaged, living together in Dublin, Ireland, and building up a life with one another. Everything was going grand, as the Irish say, except for their weight: the scales had tipped long ago towards the "unhealthy" end of things. Both admitted to having a lifelong love of fast food and generally an unhealthy relationship with eating. Obesity comes with challenges. Even searching for a wedding dress proved torturous for 33-year-old Leisa, "It wasn't quite the magical experience I thought picking my dress would be," she said, "I was limited to just one store in town and all the dresses that did fit made me look like I was wearing a huge duvet."

They knew deep down they had to change something. Their bed had literally collapsed beneath their combined weight four times before they decided to lay their mattress directly on the floor. But still, no weight was lost and some was even gained ... until their wedding.

They shared a beautiful day with family and friends, but they didn't book a romantic honeymoon getaway, as they were afraid they would each need two seats on the plane. But the real wake-up call came when they received copies of their wedding photos. When Noel saw them for the first time, he immediately knew Leisa would not be pleased and tried to hide them from her. He bent the truth, saying they hadn't arrived yet and hemmed and hawed until finally revealing them. When Leisa saw the photos, she too was shocked. The photos were torn to pieces and they decided it was really time to change something. Leisa remembers being so disappointed and devastated after seeing the images.

They began dieting together and had amazing results. Noel lost more than 200 lbs. and Leisa lost 100 lbs. They were blown away. Leisa said, "Finally we can do the things normal couples do, cuddling in the cinema, sitting next to each other on public transport and even having a peaceful night's sleep without fear of breaking the bed."

It was a mix of exercise and healthy eating that changed everything for these two. Small changes like replacing a massive breakfast of bacon, eggs, and bread, with a normal bowl of oats. And changing snacks of chocolate and cake, to a piece of fruit.

After their dieting, Noel said they hoped to renew their vows. He said, "We've lost so much weight our wedding rings don't fit us anymore so we'd have to sort that out too but finally we could have some pictures to be proud of."

In August, Leisa shared this photo on Facebook.

It's amazing that this couple could do this together. What a transformation! They are healthier, happier, and hopefully together they will enjoy many happy moments to come.


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