Touching farewell: The last months of the dog’s life were the most beautiful

Lindsey Hutslar, 24, from Ohio loved her five-year-old husky Irie more than anything. But when she received the terrible news four months ago that her dog had incurable nose cancer, the young woman's world came crashing down.

Once she had overcome the initial shock from the terrible diagnosis, Lindsey decided to make the last months of Irie's life as beautiful as possible. So she created a bucket list of things that she and her true companion would experience together before Irie's passing.

The program didn't just include culinary experiences like a steak dinner, dog biscuits and doughnuts. Lindsey made grand plans, also taking Irie on a kayak tour, a camping trip, a horse-drawn carriage ride and a visit to a pumpkin patch. A range of photoshoots and a pedicure also featured on their to-do list.

The highlights were probably the visit to the fire station, because Irie loved the sound of the sirens. And on her fifth birthday all her friends gathered round for the celebration, making the day one of the best of her life.

During all these unforgettable experiences, the husky's tumor was unstoppable. Initially the size of a walnut, it grew three times that size in four months. On top of this, the cancer spread to the rest of Irie's body. Her health worsened day by day until the time came when Lindsey, together with the vet, had to decide to put an end to Irie's suffering.

Irie spent the last moments of her life in her favorite place: the park. Lindsey stroked and petted her dog lovingly, until the the time finally came when the husky was put to sleep with the help of a vet. That was how Irie entered her eternal rest, under the canopy of the trees.

As difficult as it was for Lindsey to say goodbye, she could trust in the knowledge that she had made the last four months of her dog's life as wonderful as possible — and that was the best that she could do for Irie.


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