16 missing items found years later

Whether it's your cellphone, wedding ring or wallet, there's nothing worse than losing something important to you. It's particularly painful when you realize that the misplaced item is probably gone for good. However, fate can work in strange ways — the following 16 people were able to find missing possessions that they had lost, in some cases years later...

1. An Austrian man lost his wallet in a lake while out fishing. Twenty years later, he managed to fish it back out with everything still inside.

2. In this case, it's not an item that had disappeared, but a person from a young girl's life. While on vacation in Fiji, the girl became friends with a taxi driver. Almost 14 years later, she returned to the Pacific island and happened to bump into him again.


3. This professor's book went missing years ago. After ordering a used copy on the internet, she received her missing book in the mail!

4. A man couldn't find his car keys. After work, he saw that his son had borrowed them for playtime.


5. This woman found her missing iPod in a rather unusual place nearly two years later. The misplaced portable media player reappeared under the kitchen table.

6. The man missed out on a Prince concert because he couldn't find his ticket. Almost 30 years later, he found it inside a book. Hopefully, he didn't take this unfortunate discovery too badly...


7. The classic for missing items: between the gap in the couch! A woman was throwing out an old couch when she found her mother's necklace which had been lost for two years.

8. A wallet with magical powers! A man thought his wallet was long gone when he had mistakenly left it on the roof of his car. However, the wallet clung onto the car door, determined not to lose its owner.


9. The things you can find in the garden — a woman found her missing wedding ring while digging up the carrots!

10. A young man lost his smartphone during the winter and found it frozen into the driveway months later. As if by miracle, the phone still works after the owner left it to dry out!


11. A boy hung his ice skates over the branch of a tree and completely forgot about them. When returning to the tree as an adult, he saw that the ice skates had now become a part of the branch.


12. The man had only wanted to replace the carpets in his car. After removing the old ones, he discovered a trove of small change. 


13. Thanks to this kind woman and her metal detector, the man was able to find his missing ring in the sea.


14. A woman mistakenly left her suitcase at a vacation home. Six years later, her ex-boyfriend went on vacation in the same house and found the suitcase in a nearby river.


15. It really does pay to go through your old stuff from time to time! A man found about $300 in his old wallet from school. 


16. While on a day trip, the woman lost her earring and spent hours looking for it. Two months later, she found out where it had been hiding.


Well, these people were extremely lucky to be reunited with their missing possessions. And they also now have a funny story to tell!




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